Selecta Ice Cream Sandwhich

I love ice cream. If it has the nutritional benefit of a vegetable, I would eat it everyday.


About three weeks ago, I was at Celebrity Sports Plaza for a tournament. It’s like one of those fancy country clubs where everything is expensive including food. So while waiting for the next match we decided to go out and look for a place to eat.

We couldn’t find anything within the area that was not pricey so we ended up in a small family-owned convenience store. I was browsing through the ice cream section when I saw this new product from Selecta.

Look…cartoons! SRP at 7-Eleven is Php 23.00.

It was bunched up with Melonas and other Korean ice cream sandwiches. I decided to get it instead of the Asian import because I know it will be more within my budget. And right, I was. For 25 pesos ($0.50), I had frozen s’mores.

I say s’mores because the biscuit (if I’m not mistaken) is graham cracker. The vanilla ice cream would be like the marshmallow and the chocolate ice cream would be of course the chocolate. I also love s’mores so to have it in ice cream form is awesome and perfect for me.

Since it was stacked with the Korean ice creams, I thought it was only available in selected stores until someone told me he saw this at 7-Eleven.

I’m not the only one who likes it. Almost gone but God is great, He saved us two.

Fast forward to last Saturday, after meeting an old friend from school; me and my sister stopped at  a 7-Eleven to get ice cream for our mom. And guess what was in the freezer? Selecta ice cream sandwich! My sister didn’t know of its existence until that night but liked it just as much as I did. Our mom though was a different story. Don’t take it against the ice cream, our mom is just harder to please.

If you haven’t tried the new Selecta ice cream sandwich, head to the nearest 7-Eleven or Ministop and grab one.

Those who have, let me know what you think.


This is not a paid post. All opinions are mine. Selecta did not bribe me with boxes and boxes of this ice cream.

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