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This is my first ever hotel review. Wait, hold up not really. I’ve been submitting reviews online through Agoda and TripAdvisor. So let me rephrase, this is my first ever hotel review blog post. Like all things first, this should be special. So I’ve decided to give that honor to Tomodachi House Hanoi.

I was in Vietnam last week and stayed at Tomodachi House for two days. Yup just two short days. Budget is tight and my time off from the office is limited. I have been to several hostels and I have to say Tomodachi House is the best among them.

The place is great but it’s the staff that makes Tomodachi a gem in the heart of Hanoi. (Yeah, that sounds cheesy) Their customer service started months before we even stepped into their front door. Lizzie from the hotel had been in contact with me two months before we arrived. She arranged everything for us – Sapa and Halong Bay tours and all our private transfers. She gave us an offer we just couldn’t refuse. We only saw Lizzie once though, her shift did not sync with our schedule. But Harry and the rest of the gang, took care of us and continued what she started.

Bunks with curtains so guests can still have a bit of privacy.

I am a budget traveler, I stay mostly in dorms since I also don’t mind sharing a room with strangers.  It can be entertaining at times and you learn a lot from other travelers. I was with four of my friends on this trip. We stayed in one of their dormitories. The room had eight beds with curtains. Below the beds are storage for small to medium sized bags. Inside the bunk you will find a pillow, a lamp, basic toiletries, towel and a bottled water. This is only the second hostel I’ve stayed at that provided comforters. The other was in Singapore. You will also have your own outlet and a USB port. The mattress was comfortable. I was always so tired though I don’t think it would have made a difference if it wasn’t.

Their dorms have one shower plus toilet and another one just outside the door. The restroom is often the deal breaker. I’m happy to report that both restrooms were clean. But of course when you’re sharing with seven other people, it can become a bit messy. They also have a blower you can use.

Dining area. There are two computers here that guests can use.

I love breakfast and I believe we should start our day with good food. At Tomodachi, breakfast may be simple but for what you pay, it’s grand. Most hostels often serve bread with butter, jams or Nutella, others have cereals, while some have a mix of fruits. Here you will have six breakfast combo options. From my go-to Continental to their very own Tomodachi breakfast. I can’t go into specifics on what goes on each combo (bad memory and forgot to take a photo of the menu) but all comes with a glass of orange juice (or apple if available) plus coffee or tea, and a small fruit plate. At least three or four combo comes with yogurt, my favorite item. I loved it so much I almost asked them to not serve me the eggs and just give me two yogurts. For other food options, you can just walk out their front door and take your pick from the restaurants outside. 

Location is really important specially if you’re staying for a long time and prefers to be near a certain area. I can’t tell you if it sits in an easily accessible part of Hanoi because we had private transfers all through out. When we ventured on our own, we booked an Uber. On our last night we walked to and from Hoan Kiem Lake and it was easily a 20-30 minute walk.

For those heading to Hanoi, I fully recommend staying at Tomodachi House. They have excellent customer service and their facility is great. It truly is a home sweet home for backpackers.


5A Tong Duy Tan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

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