Hideout 52 – Angono

The crazy state of traffic in Manila has made food-tripping a chore for people like me who live outside the Metro. What should only be a 15-20 minute drive turns into an hour and a half of painstaking crawl along the city’s busy streets. So Imagine my delight when we discovered this new place in town that serves quarter pounders for less than 100.00 pesos.

This new discovery is Hideout 52. I read in Facebook that it’s been there a while but tucked in a different location that up until now I have no idea where. Good thing they decided to stop hiding and moved to a more visible spot along the highway which is also a 15-minute walk from our house.

I wanted to give this place a fair review so I ate there three times within the last month and here are my thoughts. 

MURDER BURGER (Single 95.00, Double 140.00)

This must be their flagship item on the menu, a cheese burger that you can order with a single or double patty. On my first visit I thought it was quite good for only ₱95.00. It kind of tasted a bit like that of Wham burger but then on my last visit I got the double murder burger (shown above) and I was disappointed. The patties were bland like they were not seasoned at all. A much richer cheese could have saved it instead of the regular cheese sauce and mayo dressing. But that would cause a price hike and I don’t want to be murdered by this burger’s fans so let’s leave it at that.

HOT WINGS (4 pc – 95.00, 8 pc 165.00, 12 pc – 245.00)

I gotta say this is what I enjoyed the most. I’ve only tried the sweet and spicy variety called Suspect but let me tell you,  it is on point with the flavor (I think honey and sriracha). I’m not a fan of spicy stuff. But hell, this is one tasty, spicy wing! It is also a bit crunchy on the outside which I like. I don’t recommend ordering this to go as it will lose the crunch.

PERJURY FRIES (80.00-85.00)

This is their take on a cheesy fries. I love cheese. Who doesn’t right? But to be honest, I didn’t like this one. The fries tasted like regular supermarket fries. The cheese sauce was not as rich as I was expecting it to be based on how it looked. I think it’s the same cheese on their burgers and nachos. I forgot to take a photo, but it’s on the main image above on the left.


They could have added more meat to it or at least season it more since the cheese as I have said was not rich and savory enough. If I was craving nachos, I would probably just head to SM Center Angono and buy from Nacho King.


We got to try this on our third visit as it was always unavailable. This turned out to be a bigger disappointment than the double burger. The noodle was overcooked (not al dente). There was not a hint of cheese in the sauce. If you have tried those packed/instant carbonara sauces, this was quite close. I’m thinking the chef was probably having a rough day as even the chicken wings was not as good compared to our previous visits.


They have four “Freakin Shakes” on their menu. I’ve tried the salted caramel (shown above) and it tasted exactly like Hansel Mocha Sandwich. My sister tried Chocolate Cheat and she said it was okay. The Rootbeer Float was pretty decent for its price.


I will let the photos do the talking.

These are bunker-like stations. Shoes are off-limits so just leave them inside the stairs that double as drawers.
They also have regular picnic tables for those who doesn’t like sitting on the floor.

Overall, I still think this place is worth a visit. The food is decent and the prices are fair. They also have really nice staff. Make sure to tip them as they do not include service charge. I just wish they’re more consistent with the food, taste-wise. And maybe change their cheese sauce recipe.  ;p

Address: Manila East Road, Corner Don Mariano Avenue, Brgy. San Isidro, Angono, Rizal (Opens at 3:00 pm)

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